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About Us

Mehrban Ali
Mehrban Ali

Mehrban Ali is 41st son of Imam Ali A.S. He was born on 1st December 1987 in a small town of Tando Mohammad Khan which is 31 kilometers away from Hyderabad to South in Sindh province of Pakistan.

In his childhood, Mehrban was very attached with his grandfather (Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi). Who was master of Astrology, Palmistry, Ilm-e-Jafar, Jinnat, face reading and Tabeer-e-Khuwab.

Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi

From childhood, Mehrban was keen in learning these uloom (Knowledge).As he grew up, he was very passionate about reading his family books which he got from his grandfather or other books about the same topics that would increase his knowledge. He wasn’t like the other kids who were always interested in playing games. He spent his school time with his grandfather to learn this knowledge as well.

Dargah Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi

Dargah Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi is in Tando Mohammad Khan 36 kilometers away from Hyderabad. Its a 300 years old graveyard, where Mehrban’s ancestors are buried, who migrated from Multan to Sindh.

Ziyarat e Turab

For Many years before Hazrat Shah Shams Tabrez tribe migrated to Sindh. There was a female whom people knew as Syeda Badshah Bibi. She had her own respect among people. Many females visited her for her (Ziyarat) also took taveez for themselves.

Bibi Badshah Bibi used to take people every year with her to visit Imam e Hussain ASW. Its been done many years. But when her time came and she found that people of Sindh love Imam Hussain AS a lot and want to visit his shrine but many of them don’t have that much wealth for travel. So she decided to bring soil of the grave of Imam Hussain ASW also took soil from the grave of Imam Ali ASW as people those can’t afford travel can ziyarat that Turab (Soil of grave of Imam Hussain as & Imam Ali as).

This Turab is also available today at shrine of Dargah Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi as people can visit and make fresh their spirit.

Along with this, Mehrban has also placed his grandfather Shah Shams Tabrez’s written devotional literature in the form of lyrics and hymns worshiping and praising god (Ginan, Urdu: گنان). As well as the stones he used to wear so that people may visit and see.

Taveez e Shams

In this world there are many people who are facing bad sight and black magic. Due to which they face many problems in life, they also can’t focus on their vision and life goals. Hazrat Shah Shams Tabrez had written a Taveez for this matter. Which is made from the Ayat e Kareema (Quran e Pak). From the blessing of Allah and by wearing this Taveez black sight and black magic does not work and people get to the success from failure.

That is the reason for which we have made it available at the Dargah of Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi as everyone can purchase this and get its benefit.

It’s suggested for anyone who is facing black magic or bad sight to visit Dargah Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi and get this taveez FEE SABI LILLAH and get success.

Indeed, Allah is great, and He has put blessing in his words (Ayat e Kareema)


Dastarkhuwan e Imam Hassan ASW

Hazrat Mohamad Mustafa sallaho aleh e wa’alehi wassam said to provide food to the creation of Allah is that act which Allah likes most. That’s why grandson of Imam-e-Hassan ASW keeps providing food on Dastarkhuwan Imam-e-Hassan ASW where 1000 of people gather and eat food according to their appetite.

We are also trying to provide food to people as much as we can on every Friday at the Dargah of Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi.

Everyone is requested to visit Dargah and eat Niaz e Imam Hassan and pray for themselves and for us.

Mehrban and his Uloom

Mehrban also loved reciting Naat Khuwani and Noha Khuwani.

For which, he migrated to Hyderabad with his family to get learning (sikhya) from Ustad Mohammad Shafi Warsi and became Sahib-e-Bayaz (Noha Khuwan) of Qadam Gah Moula Ali as Anjuman. Mehrban has recorded a number of 23 albums of Naat khuwani & Noha Khuwani over the course of his life.


Since Mehrban was very passionate about Palmistry, Ilm-e-Najoof and face reading, and he became expert in these areas over time. Most of the TV channels invite Mehrban because he is 41st son of Imam Ali and 21st son of Shah Shams Tabrez. All these TV channels wanted him to teach people about these Uloom.

Mehrban Ali
Ustad Muhammad Shafi Warsi

During this period, Mehrban had to do back and forth travel between Hyderabad and Karachi, since most of the TV Channels are situated in Karachi. Therefore Mehrban and his family decided to move to Karachi, so that Mehrban can keep spreading his Uloom (knowledge) with rest of the people using satellite media.

Mehrban Ali

He started becoming very busy in these Uloom to serve humanity that he started getting less and less time to recite Noha Khuwani and Naat Khuwani. After which Mehrban started to record his voice when he would recite the Quran, which people started liking and listening to. He would recite Quran and also share translation in Urdu. Over time people grew keen of listening him recite.

Now Mehrban writes books about these topics to reach a greater audience and so that he can share his knowledge to people. He also records videos while talking about these Uloom, and this website houses all of that together, so that you can read and listen to what knowledge you can learn from him.

Mehrban Ali
Syed Fateh Ali Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi

Syed Fateh Ali Shamsi Sabzwari Tabrezi is Mehrban’s Father, he manages all of his appointments and the helps the needy fulfill the prerequisits and making sure that people get the help they are looking for. You can also request for an appointment in “Ask Mehrban” section of this website.

Mehrban Ali
Shan Ali Shamsi

Shan Ali is a the head of Shamsi bros Production, he is currently doing Masters in Film from Iqra University. Apart from this he has been working in Media industry for more than 15 years as an Animator and Visual effects artist. He manages the Mehrban Ali media cell and all the coverage.

Mehrban Ali
Syed Ali Shamsi

Syed Ali has more than 3 years of experience in Media industry as a designer and animator. Currently, he manages the books department of Mehran Ali. He is dealing with the designing and printing of the books sold worldwide. You can see these books in the books section of our website.

Mehrban Ali
Imran Ali Shamsi

Imran Ali is a manager for Mehrban Ali and is managing Mehrban Stones service. He recently completed his Masters in Film from Iqra University. Apart from this, he has been working as a writer, sound designer and Director for Shamsi Bros Produciton, the media house responsible for all of the Mehrban Ali videos. You can watch these videos in the video section of our website, and if you are interested in the stones, please goto Mehrban Stones section.