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Mehrban Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental social welfare organization in Pakistan, founded by Mehrban Ali, which aims to provide public health, education and humanitarian support to the local community.



Dastarkhwan e Imam Hassan a.s

In these hard times of poverty, unemployment, low wages amid escalating rate of inflation, the poor people are suffering the most. They find it most difficult to earn enough to feed their kith and kin and provide them with clothing and education. To offer solace and relief to the poor, Dastarkhwan e Imam Hassan a.s located at Dargah Syed Hussain Shah Shamsi, serves 1,000 meals weekly to the poor and deserving and those who cannot afford to buy food with dignity and upholding their self-respect.



Khums is obligatory. In brief, it means paying one-fifth of the surplus of one’s income after taking away the expenses of the person and his dependants. It consists of two equal parts: one being the share of the Imam (Sehm-e-Imam), meaning that this part goes for constructing masjids, Islamic seminaries, Islamic schools, libraries, hospitals or clinics, orphanages, printing of the Noble Quran, hadith books, Islamic books and lectures, and others things which will benefit, defend, or propagate Islam. The second part is the portion for the poor syeds — descendants of the Prophet — (Sadaat), since they are banned from receiving zakat (charity).


Mehrban School

Mehrban School is on a mission to provide a quality and marketable education to all. We view our work as nation building. By empowering our children with a good education, we aim to make them productive members of society. We believe that one day, these children will help build a happier and more prosperous nation.

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