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    Taweez e Yousuf A.S.

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    Taweez Yousuf a.s. Benefits
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    A person came to Imam Jafar Sadiq as and said O Imam, when Hazrat Yousuf as brother throw him in well. When Hazrat Yousuf as was alon inside well. Hazrat Khizar as visited and he provided him an emulate ( Taweez ) and Hazrat Yousuf as used to wear it. What was in that Emulate ( Taweez ). Imam Jafar Sadiq as replied. My ancestors ' Mohammad Mustafa, Ali o Murtaza, Fatima Zehra, Hassan & Hussain " Ism " name was mentioned. According to ilm e Nidab and ilm e Nasab " Loh e Mehfooz " was mentioned. Allah Rabul Izzat bless that Taweez with His blessing. Then that guy responded that Like me anybody can get benifits of that emulate " Taweez " Imam Jafar Sadiq as responded. Blessing of Allah is for everyone.Imam Jafar Sadiq as wrote that Taweez e Yousuf and provided to him and from him Taweez e Yousuf as spread in whole world.

    Taweez Yousuf a.s. Recommendation and DetailsWeight:            3 Grams   Shape:             Square   Metal:              Silver Finger:            Neck  Day:                EverydayGet the best Taweez Yousuf a.s. gemstone in Pakistan in regard of their effectiveness. Furthermore, Mehrban Ali not just sells gemstones but suggest you the right wearing of them with their purpose according wear burj and Zaicha.