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Product Benefit 

  • Help to recognize people.   
  • Increase power of thinking.
  • Cleverness.

Product  Details

Region: Madagascar
Weight: 3.51 Carats
Planet: Saturn
Cushion & Mixed Cut
3.99 – 4.00

Treatment: None / Natural
Certificate: Yes Available

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How ” Kareem ” is Allah. who blessed human with mind. The mind from which human take right and wrong decision. But unfortunately due to sins and bad habits unable to use his / her mind. Due to that wrong decision made. On the occasion of business or marriage couldn’t choose perfect partner.

Allah bless people with lots of things from which people can get help. Neelam ( blue Sapphire ) Gemstones is one of those. Shah Shams Tabrez said ” The person who wear Neelam gemstone ( blue Sapphire ) will see actual faces of people. Neelam gemstone ( blue Sapphire ) also called | Insan Shanas Pathar | Human recognized stone.

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