Shajri Feroza (Turquoise) IRAN


Stone: Shajri Feroza
Region: Iran

Standard Weight 3 Carat – 11 Carat (Ring Size)



جو لوگ در و خوف یا تنگ رزق کے مساءل کی وجہ سے پریشان ہیں تو وہ فیروزہ پتھر پہن کرصبح اتھنے کے بعد اور رات کو سونے سے پہلے ۲۷ مرتبہ یا رزاقُ یا اللہُ پڑھ کر فیروزہ پر بھی دم کریں اور اپنے آپ پر بھی، انشاء اللہ اللہ کے فضل و کرم سے رزق میں اضافہ ہوگا۔


Jo Log Dar o khauf ya phir tang Rizq ke masail ki wajah se pareshan hain  to woh Feroza pathar pehan kar subha uthne ke bad aor rat ko sone se pehle 27 martab Ya Razzaq o Ya Allah parh kar Feroza per bhi dum kare aor apne ap per bhi. In sha Allah Allah ke karam se Rizq me Izafa hoga.



Those who scared or face problem for Job or business are suggested to recite 27 times Ya Razzaq o Ya Allah after wake up and “dum” him/herself and on Feroze gemstone. In sha Allah he will get free from such problem.

Once you order MehrbanStore team will contact you on provided contact number and collect information of your birth date and mother name which will be processed to MehrbanAli who will provide requested gem to MehrbanStore with instruction (In which finger should it be wear & what should to recite & Sadqa) by your burj & Zaicha that will suit you in sha Allah.

Please read instructions that will be provided to you with your parcel Also you can get in touch with us on provided email address & contact number which is mention on our boxes after getting your parcel if you will have any concern

Contact person will be Mr. Imran Ali Shah who supervise stone department for any complaint or query.




Mehrban Store is the online selling product service of Pakistan on the name of one of the best Motivational speaker Mehrban Ali who is 41th son of Imam Ali asw.

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We do provide real gemstone online by Momineens Burj and Zaicha what provided by Mehrban Ali himself as per information provided by Customer also we are providing Hijab (Abaya & Scarf) of very good quality Also books online if people unable to get hard form of books or people who lives out of the Pakistan.

We have large number of team which works hard to meet customer expectation on call and on live chat & on email. We have small good staff of Quality Assurance which listen calls everyday of our customer also read every chat on daily basis to understand customers and his/her query. Also we have a team of buying products from different region and get it verified from our specialist for quality purpose.

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