Tabeer-e-Khuwab Chapter 7


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Writer : Mehrban Ali
Total Pages : 370
Format : Digital  Copy
Language : English and Urdu

Among the best blessings of Allah dreams is one blessing by whose source Allah does revelation over his pious servants, in dream there are same hidden secrets if human understands them then he can be safe from upcoming loss that is why how like my great grand father Kabir ud Din Shah Shamsi Sabzvari Tabrezi, my grand mother Bibi Badshah Zadi Shamsi Sabzvari Tabrezi and my grand father Shah Shams R.A and Imam Jafar Sadiq A.S have stated the interpretation of dream all those information you can acquire from this book In Shaa Allah.

In this chapter you can see all the dream interpretations including eggs, house, food, teeth, teeth, heart, silk, feast, poverty and all such dreams and their interpretation.


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