Feroza Bracelet – Stone of Blessing


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Stone detail:

Region:   Arizona | Iran
Weight:  21 – 30 Carat ( Bracelet Size )
Planet:    Venus
Treatment: None / Natural


Stars:      Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius ( Also other stars can wear according their Burj and Zaicha )
Metal:      Silver, Gold or Platinum
Finger:     Right Wrist
Day:          Friday
Charity:   Vegetable (Daily / Weekly)
Recite:      Ya Razzaq o Ya Allah 27 times – Start of the day and before sleeping.


  • Help to control emotions and anger.
  • Protects from injuries, violence, accidents.
  • Create humbleness and kindness.
  • Save from amulet and black sight.
  • Peace of mind
  • improves creativity & attractiveness
  • It removes misfortunes and bad luck
  • Make better health, wealth, prosperity, name, fame, wisdom, honesty and strength.

Abul Mu’min al-Ansaaree reports that I heard Abu `Abdillah (Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq (as)) saying: The hands that wears Feroza will not see poverty. | Reference: Shaykh al-Tabrasee, Makarimul Akhlaaq, Teheran, 1972, pp. 87-89.



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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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