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حضرت شاہ شمس تبریزؒ نے فرمایا موہِ نجف پتھرصحیح فیصلےکرنے میں مدد دیتا ہے اور مستقل مزاجی  پیدا کرتا ہے۔

Product  detail

Region: Najaf- Iraq
Weight: 7 Karat 
Ring Matel: Silver 925
Ring Weight: 4.97 Gram

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Shah Shams Tabrez used to suggest Moh e najaf stone to wear if anybody ask for Luck. Furthermore Moh e najaf  stone also used for persistent mind , take right decision.

Product  Benefits

  • Make lucky Stronger
  • Make us persistent mind
  • Help us take right decision

When anybody visited to Shah Shams Tabriz and said, I am unlucky. My destiny does not support me. I do not get any chance of success in life. then Shah Shams Tabrez used to say wear Moh e Najaf | Luck Stone in your Sun finger and recite Ya Hakim or Allah 27 times every morning on this stone or In sha Allah you will achieve your goals. Further more Moh e Najaf | Stone Luck also recommended for persistent mind.


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