Dur e Najaf – Pearl of Najaf 21.26 Carats | Stone of Mind | Mehrban Ali – Shamsi Jafari Qalandari | Mehrban Stones – Best Gemstones

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Shah Shams Tabrez used to suggest Dur e najaf stone to wear if anybody ask for Mind.  Furthermore Dur e najaf  stone also used for improve memory & eye sight.

حضرت شاہ شمس تبریزؒ نے فرمایا دُرِنجف پتھر نظر تیز کرنے میں مدد دیتا ہے،علم کی تڑپ پیدا کرتا ہے اوراس پتھرکہ پہننے سے یاداشت بہتر ہوتی ہے۔

Product Detail

Region: Najaf- Iraq
Weight: 21.26 Carats
Planet: Venus
Shape: Oval
Gravity: 2.9 – 3.07
Treatment: None / Natural
Certificate: Yes Available

Out of stock


Product Benefits

  • Create a thirst for knowledge.
  • To improve memory.
  • Increase eye sight.

 Allah created a stone around Imam Ali’s shrine that is called Dur e Najaf | Stone of Knowledge. Hazrat Shah Shams Tabriz said, ” Dur e Najaf | Stone of Knowledge sharpens the human mind and enhances the knowledge of human beings and creates the craving for knowledge in human existence “. Even today, the scholars in Najaf give Dur e Najaf | Stone of Knowledge gift of religion in the Najaf to every common man so that he may love the people with knowledge. Gentlemen whose eyes are weak they must wear these stones because it is very useful for the eyes.


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